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Friday, July 15, 2016

Is He a Terrorist or Not?

Written and posted on FB as a note. Followed by comments from friends
Following the tragedy that took place in San Bernardino, I want to tell you a little anecdote about our train trip to the French Riviera last September. 
My wife and I were enjoying a comfortable ride on the “very fast train” TGV when we noticed a man from seemingly far eastern origin with his hands pressed against the glass of the automatic sliding glass door, staring at the people inside the car. He had a lost, haggard look on his face and really inspired pity. He had a cellular phone in one hand and a note pad in the other. My first thought was one of caution - maybe it´s a terrorist looking for an opportunity to unleash some mayhem in the name of Allah. Looking at his very intent eyes surveying the scene, I thought that maybe fear was taking hold of his heart and that he was divided between guilt and his sworn allegiance to Jihad. I could see that he was a tormented soul. 
Nobody moved. Obviously the situation called for action. So after about 15 long minutes of watching, I told my wife to go and lock herself in the rest-room where she would be protected while I would find out what the guy was about. I approached him and asked him a few questions. I quickly found out that he was a migrant from Bangladesh who had taken the wrong train. He was supposed to go to Paris but he was going in the opposite direction. His English was close to nil but the good will and interest that I was showing him seemed to have a calming effect. 
His inability to deal with his situation was compounded by the fact that he did not speak any French, had no money, no food and got on the train without a ticket.
I told him that he needed to get off at the next stop and ask a station official what to do .He understood and thanked me with a grateful smile and a hand shake. 
This was quite an experience that made me think how to react in a seemingly dangerous situation. 
When confronted with a potential peril, some have a tendency to let things play out hoping that the situation will improve. The people on the train were aware that something was not normal, but carried on their conversation as if doing nothing would make it go away.
Nowadays we are so bombarded with the news about terrorism that we have been conditioned to a state of apathy. We know that it could happen anytime and anywhere, but somehow we delude ourselves into thinking that the police, the politicians, the judges, the army will protect ourselves. At least, that is the prevailing thinking in Europe among the liberals ruling elite and the sheeple following them.
How many lives could have been spared in the Paris massacre on November 13th if some of the security and patrons in the club had been carrying guns? 
Of course, the average citizen without combat training is at a loss when confronted by a terror situation, but we have to go beyond being aware and training ourselves and others to know how to react in a tense situation whose outcome could be disastrous.
Believe me, I have no more courage than the next person. But inaction leads to disaster. How many times do we hear the testimony of people after a carnage like the one that happened in San Bernardino in which witnesses didn´t act on their suspicions that something strange was taking place? Because they didnt´bother to even call the police, a simple thing to do, they are going to live with that regret and guilt for the rest of their lives. 

This is the result of the fear of being labeled racist or xenophobe, fascist, extremist. The liberals are doing a good job at creating an environment that will paralyze people. It helps them to further and faster destroy whatever is left of the noble country that was handed down to us. 
I believe it starts with the parents educating their children about the brave new world that is awaiting them. When parents show the courage that it takes to go against the current, the attitude will help the children to grow into citizens that will know how to react when faced with situations that demand presence of mind, and caring to the point of putting our lives on the line for the sake of others.
I think it is a part of occupying till our Lord comes back while our hearts and minds are ruled by the love and peace of Jesus as pilgrims on this earth. 
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. 1 John 4:18 (NASB)

Audrey Lacroix
Billy Bober
Billy Bober well said JL....I find that there are many words that I am now hesitant to use....It is the correct word,I believe in the word.....but they are now.."hot stove top words"....The PC Terrorists have conditioned us with their..."50 lashes and training classes"....mentality...So now their ..."take no prisoners" stance has ....if not destroyed , have at least stalemated any rational,meaningful,concise,effective actions,,,
Jean-Louis Mondon
Jean-Louis Mondon I noticed in the news yesterday that the French have adopted a new stance on fighting Islamic terrorism. Now the train station are equipped with X ray machines, metal detector gates and plain clothes and uniformed police to frisk people and search suitcases, bags. Finally!
Jean-Louis Mondon
Jean-Louis Mondon Thinking back on the episode with the lost Bangladeshi national on the wrong train, I didn´t go far enough in helping him. I didn´t have the presence of mind of writing a note for him explaining his situation for him to give to a French official. My fi...See More
Audrey Lacroix

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  1. Brave new world indeed! Much to meditate on. Caution is wise, paranoia, not so much. Lord help us strike the balance between bearing in mind we have our humanity in common, while we face the reality of ever-present danger in modern life.


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