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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Hebrew Word Picture About Man and Woman in the Essence of Yah... (Interesting insight)

By Yakov Levi | January 19, 2015 | Updated 1/19/15 11:33 PST
Hebrew Yah
The Ancient Rabbis taught that when Elohim (God) created man & woman, He placed the Yod (י) in man & the Hei (ה) in woman. That is, He put the Hebrew letter Yod into the Hebrew word for man and He put the Hebrew letter Hei into the Hebrew word for woman. Take a careful look at the graphic to see what I mean.

The Yod is a letter of masculinity, order & logic. The Hei is the letter of femininity, grace & wisdom. When masculinity, Yod, is removed from the man, the resulting Hebrew word is fire or "Eesh." When femininity, Hei, is removed from the woman, the resulting Hebrew word is also fire or "Eesh."

What does this divine picture tell us? When a man & woman do not act according to their roles; disorder; fighting (fire) happens. When a man or woman lose their respective attributes, you get fire. Make a note that a part of the meaning of "do not light a fire" on the Sabbath is "do not cause conflict."

Much insight can be gained from this Hebrew word picture painted by The LORD God (Yahuah Elohim).

The short form for the Father's name at its basic level is "Yah." That word symbolizes His essence. The essence of Yah is made full when both male and female are joined together. This is also why Yahuah Elohim said He created male and female in His image. This is one reason the Bible begins and ends with a marriage. The story of the Scriptures is about a Husband who redeems His unfaithful wife. It is about a Father who gathers His children into His safe protection.

A man or woman is incomplete in the image of Elohim when they do not have the other. Therefore, marriage is a fundamental precept of the creation and the life to come!

Why was the destiny of Sodom & Gomorrah concluded with the raining down of fire? Both homosexuality and lesbianism destroy the essence of the creation of man and woman whom were both made in the image of Elohim. The Hebrew word picture illustrates this very clearly.

How about adultery and sexual immorality? These two also contaminate/adulterate the essence of the image of Yahuah Elohim. This is why the penalty is often death in such circumstances notwithstanding the application of Grace; such as was portrayed by Yeshua HaMashiach (aka Jesus Christ) in the incident with the prostitute.

Do you also notice that the Yod and Hei when put into man and woman removes them from "fire?" When you take out the Yod and Hei, Yah, from man and woman - they end up in hell fire. The clear message is we need Yahuah Elohim to be saved from hell-fire. A special thanks to Hahn Twig Smith on Facebook for this insight made in a comment on this post.

Notice that the gematria value for Yah is 15. I draw your attention to the point that Passover, Shavuot and 1st Day of Sukkot are all on the 15th of the Biblical month. It is a pattern that is associated with the short form of the Holy Name. The 15th of the Biblical month is also at the fullness of the moon which symbolizes an open womb. Further discussion of this topic is beyond the scope of this note.

Why is the number 15 associated with the Feasts? It is easy to see. It is about relationship between the Bride and Bridegroom. It is a time when the Bridegroom wants to meet His Bride.

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