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Monday, August 22, 2016

'Politics' reason behind Israel's rhythmic gymnastics disappointment: coach

Israel's rhythmic gymnastics team
The team had represented Israel's best hope for a gold medal but eventually finished in sixth place
Israel's rhythmic gymnastics team, in whom Israelis had placed high hopes for a gold medal in Rio, ended up going home empty-handed after placing sixth in the finals on Sunday. The squad finished with 34.549, far off from eventual winners Russia, who tallied 36.233 points.

The Israeli team's coach, Ira Vigdorchik, was unequivocal about what she saw as the reasons for their disappointing performance, the Times of Israel reports.
"I never expected to win a medal," she said in an interview on Channel 2. "Even if we were to do it without any mistakes there is no chance to bring back a medal from the Olympic games.
"There is a situation that happens only at the Olympics," Vigdorchik continued. "In every other competition the contest begins with every country bringing a judge, including us.
"As soon as all of the countries have a judge there is a neutralization of subjectivity, but as soon as we come to the Olympics and we don't have a representative we have a problem," she said.

"Spain has a judge in the International Gymnastics Federation, Bulgaria has a judge, Japan has a judge. These are strong countries and we have no way to deal with it," Vigdorchik added.

In a separate interview with Channel 10, Vigdorchik alleged that the Israeli team was made to train in a hot and humid tent while their competitors were placed in better facilities. At the same time, she hit out at the facilities available in Israel, saying that the conditions at Rio were no better than those at the Wingate Institute where the team trained for the Games.
"Thank you to the Wingate Institute that prepared us for sub-conditions," Vigdorchik said. "It was damp here like there. We trained in a wet tent for two hours, while all the other teams who finished above us trained here," she said, while in the main gymnastics facility at the Games.

Nonetheless, squad captain Ilana Koshbetzki praised the team's efforts.
"I can't describe what we have been through here," she told Walla, cited in the TOI. "We will never forget this experience. I am very proud of everything we did over the years, and especially here in Rio. We reached a great moment that we waited for for a long time.
"We did everything that we could. What happens, it seems, was what was supposed to happen."

Vigdorchik, who has previously been subject to reports that her squad complained about her punitive training methods, said that she would consider staying on as coach if asked, the TOI reports.

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